Chopters Go Public!

Wait… wait… where are you guys going?!

The Monsters and the Gals

The Monsters and the Gals

It is indeed our duty to chope tables. So, stop looking at our pictures and find us chope-ing tables at:

SFA Feast Day
Church of St Francis of Assisi
Sunday, 2 Oct 2011
830 AM – 12 PM

Queue, People! Queue...!

Queue, People! Queue...!


Introducing Chopter

A Chopter Story

We don’t call them Chopter for nothing.

The “Chope” culture is probably something uniquely Singapore. It is how we mark our territory, reserving a place especially in a crowded place, such as hawker centres, library, etc.

Newspaper, umbrella, lanyard, or sometimes even a pack of tissue are among the commonly effective items. Yet, sometimes, you need more than just a pack of tissue. And that is exactly when your Chopter would come into the picture. Let your Chopter do the job of telling others that the seat is “reserved” or “taken”.

No Two Chopters are Alike

Yup, your Chopter is a special Chopter. It is 100% handmade, featuring a riot of colors and characters. Undeniably one-of-a-kind!

Hurry, get yours today! 🙂